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Don't Feel Alone in Pain

If you are not assessing, then you are guessing. I will not 'guess' when it comes to your health.


A thorough, scientific assessment, done in person, or via video is the critical first step in the healing process. Using the incredible Three-Dimensional Movement and Performance System (3DMAPS), we will identify the root cause and compensations that are holding you back and then develop your 7 Step Success Path to an active and pain-free life.  


Human movement is complex and many “traditional” approaches and movement screens fail because they rely too heavily on protocols and set exercises. The Three-Dimensional Movement and Performance System (3DMAPS) will analyze your body as a Chain Reaction, in all three planes of motion, using a functional and holistic approach. Your analysis will measure:


• Biomechanics of Primary Body Complexes  

• 66 Tri-Plane Joint Motions   

• Mobility Analysis Movements   

• 6 Vital Transformational Zones   

• Stability Analysis Movements   

• 6 Chain Reactions®   

• Three-Dimensional Interaction of Joints, Muscles, and Proprioceptors   

• Range of Motion / Shape of Analysis Movements   

• Control of Motion / Quality  


Using the Three-Dimensional Movement and Performance System (3DMAPS), we can assess your specific range and control of motion with functional movement in mind. Individual movements can’t be isolated. Movement is whole. 

When you choose an assessment tool, you want one that acknowledges the truths of human movement. Therefore, it needs to consider: 

·         How the body moves on all three planes of motion (sagittal, frontal, and transverse) as a whole.

·         Mobility, stability, and the relationship between them 

·         Everything is connected, including problems and solutions, with each movement creating a negative or positive Chain Reaction®.

The Three-Dimensional Movement and Performance System (3DMAPS) meets these demands. Using our mobility analysis, we can tell whether someone’s joint movement is restricted and if it’s impacting global body movements in all three planes. We can also identify compensation patterns and tissues at risk for over-use injury. This helps us not only heal injuries but also help to prevent injury in the future. 

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