The critical first step in the healing process.

Here we will identify the root cause in a 90-minute session.

When Applied Functional Scientist Bob Fanelli is presented with a symptomatic client, the initial assessment is markedly different than that of an orthopedist, physical therapist, or chiropractor.

We will begin with a detailed video assessment utilizing 3DMAPS (3D Movement Analysis & Performance System developed by the Gray Institute).  3DMAPS analyzes the entire body in all three planes of motion in the context of both mobility (flexibility, range of motion) and stability (strength, control of motion).

Bob Fanelli, M.S. follows the Applied Functional Science principle of Chain Reaction. The Chain Reaction principle provides the foundation for many of the strategies used to evaluate and treat dysfunctions of movement; whether they are symptomatic or not.  The 3Dimensional Kinetic Chain of the body allows for global movements, driven by the hands and feet, to show the movement practitioner where the body moves well.  This is important because our training and treatment programs start with success.  These global movements also indicate where (plane or specific joint) the movement is less than optimal.  This is the basis for the powerful strategies of the 3D Movement Analysis and Performance System (3DMAPS).

We’ve all heard every action leads to a reaction, that is especially true in the human body. One faulty part, leads to many faulty parts and then possibly pain, compensation, degeneration, injury, or non-healing.


For example, when evaluating and treating a painful knee:

Traditional Medicine:

  • Focus:What part of the knee is damaged or weak.

  • Analysis: the knee and its parts only.

  • Treatment: improve or strengthen that part of the knee.


Applied Functional Science Approach based on the Kinetic Chain:

  • Focus: what caused the knee to weaken or degenerate.

  • Analysis: you and the way you move and how it affects your knee, from the foot all the way to the head.

  • Treatment: correct the problem that caused the knee issue as opposed to simply treating the symptom.


The key is to find that faulty part, evaluate how it has affected the rest of your body, and then to utilize strategies authentic to the human body to remove compensations and restore Authentic, Three Dimensional Function leading to improved performance, injury rehabilitation and injury prevention.


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