Back Pain

The lumbar spine (low back) is ‘Main Street’ at the crossroads of the body, reacting and transmitting everything that is happening above it and below it. We need to appreciate what the lumbar spine is doing, why it is doing it, and what we can do about it.

We no longer can afford to take an isolated look at the lumbar spine. The lumbar spine is begging us to look at other parts of the body when it begins to complain of pain and demonstrates dysfunction. In order to prevent, analyze, rehab, train, and condition the lumbar spine, we must appreciate who is picking on the lumbar spine.


It is not the motion of the bones that causes pain. Rather, it is excessive motion at the joints and the disc in between that can lead to symptoms.  This excessive motion is caused by limited motion in the joints above and below the lumbar spine.

Because the lumbar spine is the movement “transportation” center, at the ‘crossroads’ of the body, it can develop symptoms if the movement flow in the body, known as the kinetic chain, is restricted.

The lumbar spine is begging us to look at other parts of the body when it begins to complain of pain and dysfunction. Movement and forces from the arms and thoracic spine (upper back) move down through the lumbar spine (low back) to the pelvis and legs.  Movement and forces from the legs and pelvis are transmitted up to the thoracic spine and arms.

With so many potential causes of lumbar symptoms, movement specialists need an analysis and treatment/training system that quickly and accurately identifies the “bottlenecks” in the movement system, if the treatment of low back pain is to progress beyond temporary symptomatic relief.  Our Applied Functional Science assessment tool using the 3D Movement Analysis and Performance System (3DMAPS) was created for just this purpose.

Therefore, treatment strategies used to assess and treat clients with lumbar pain must look above and below for the probable suspects. 

If you’re low back hurts, it’s time to find out ‘why’. Only by finding and targeting the CAUSES of excessive lumbar/low back movement and stress can our advice to clients change from “don’t move” to “move and enjoy” the physical and behavioral benefits of that movement leading to the pain-free and active life you deserve

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