Other Injuries

The science of physical medicine is constantly evolving with new ideas and information that contribute to the advancement of rehabilitation.


Practitioners who are rehabilitation and movement specialists can vary in their approach to common injuries and conditions. Many of these different approaches can certainly lead to successful outcomes for the patient.  I am dedicated to progressing the application of rehabilitative knowledge to another level, and one way I have achieved this is through my study and ever-increasing knowledge of Applied Functional Science. 

The Gray Institute, founded by Gary Gray in Adrian, Michigan, is the foremost authority of Applied Functional Science® (AFS). AFS is a treatment philosophy founded on the principles of physics, behavioral science, and biology, with the goal of learning as much about the complete human being as possible in order to maximize results.  Thoughtful consideration of how the mind, body, and spirit all collectively work together in driving an individual’s choices and function is a foundational pillar of AFS, and the major part of my treatment philosophy, resulting in a much higher standard of care. 

Traditional physical therapy will spend most of the treatment focused exclusively on the injured body part (lower back, knee, etc.) or local area. But AFS teaches us that to effectively treat an injury such as lower back pain, we need to assess and treat not only the lower back, but also the foot/ankle complex, the knees, the hips and the thoracic spine (mid-back) or the global body. With this approach, we not only relieve pain, swelling, stiffness, and dysfunction of the particular body part; we also identify and treat the underlying causes of the lower back pain (or wherever your problem area), so you’re less likely to have a recurrence of the problem 

Applied Functional Science also improves training and rehabilitation for sport-specific skills, like running, biking, throwing and jumping. Utilizing the Three-Dimensional Movement and Performance Analysis System (3DMAPS) we will break down the components of your sport activity and then train the body, specific joints and muscles to optimize the three-dimensional demands and the kinetic chain for your sport. 

The next time you are faced with pain or limitation, ask yourself... how is the WHOLE being affected by the part? What can I do with the whole to support the known part disruption? Is the part dysfunction primary to the functional compensation? What can I do today to create an environment to support the part? With Applied Functional Science at the heart of my treatment philosophy, I believe, primarily, in the whole uniqueness of each INDIVIDUAL. We, then, anchor to the application of the physical, biological, and behavior sciences – not a separation, but integration and that each patient deserves individual consideration and care. Understanding our physiology and biology to find the root cause of our problems is crucial to the healing process. It shortens the recovery period, restores functional activities, decreases episodes of recurrences, and prevents other injuries. 

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