Exercise Physiologist,M.S.,  Fellow of Applied Functional Science, F.A.F.S.


Jan 2011-November 2011 – Fellow of Applied Functional Science; Gray Institute, Adrian, Michigan

  • Major academic course highlights: Applied Functional Science is the convergence of sciences that allows for purposeful movement. The convergence of Physical Sciences (the world we life in), Biological Sciences (the miracle of the human body), and Behavioral Sciences (the power of the mind and spirit) is the DNA of AFS. For the Physical Sciences, the truths of Environment, Gravity, Ground Reaction Force, Mass, and Momentum are considered and leveraged. For the Biological Sciences, the truths of Motion, Reaction, Proprioceptors, Muscles, Joints, Task, Specificity, and Mobility / Stability are considered and leveraged. For the Behavioral Sciences, the truths of Success, Encouragement, Locus of Control, Empowerment, Relevance, and Significance are considered and leveraged.

July 2014 – Applied Functional Science (C.A.F.S)

  • The process of Applied Functional Science; 10 Observational Essentials of All Movement; The 8 Fundamental Movement Patterns; The Local/Global Movement Continuum; 4 Steps to Process to Individualized Program Design; Functional Movement Assessments; How to utilize Local and Global assessments and corrections for the foot/ankle, knee, hip, shoulders, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, cervical spine. 

September 1993 – September 1995 – Master of Science; Long Island University

  • Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation; Managing Special Populations; Kinesiology;

Sports Performance Training; Sports Nutrition; Sports Performance; Human Movement Science; Fitness and Health Promotions



Body By Design, Inc. 2003 to Present – Mamaroneck, NY
Exercise Physiologist, Fellow of Applied Functional Science; Orthopedic Rehabilitation

  • Perform movement, muscle and behavioral assessments involving Mind, Body, and Spirit.

  • Create and implement prehab and post-rehab movement protocols for orthopedic rehabilitation

  • Consult, analyze, assess, rehabilitate, restore, train, and condition individuals of all levels and abilities, including professional sports.

Gray Institute Educator; January 2012 to Present – Adrian, Michigan
Teaching Faculty and Facilitator Gray Institute Fellowship Program in Applied Functional Science

  • Teach Applied Functional Science Fellowship and Functional Manual Reaction to Physical Therapists, Physicians, Osteopaths, Strength, and Conditioning Coaches, Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers, Personal Trainers, Coaches

St. John’s Riverside Hospital; 1997-2003; Yonkers NY  
Exercise Physiologist; Clinical Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • Perform exercise stress testing; write and implement all exercise rehabilitation programs; lead continuing education for patients, nurses, and physicians; prepare budget and resource allocation reports

Stamford Hospital, 1992-1995; Stamford Ct.

  • Psychiatric Technician and Counselor


  • 1997 – Distinguished Alumni Award; Long Island University


Reiki Practitioner – Level II- 2018

Corrective High-Performance Exercise Kinesiology (C.H.E.K. Level 2) -1998

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) – Performance Enhancement Specialist-2004

American Associate of Health and Fitness Professionals – Medical Exercise Specialist-1996

NG360 -NIKE Golf Performance Specialist- 2014

Gray Institute- Functional Golf System 2019

Institute of Heart Math – AddHeart Facilitator-2019

Doreen Virtue- Angel Intuitive

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