The traditional mechanistic view of anatomy, as useful as it has been, has objectified rather than humanized our relationship to our self. It separates movement into discreet functions, failing to give a picture of the seamless integration seen in a living body. When one part moves, the whole body responds. The illness, your pain, the ‘ism’, the ‘thing’ is just one description of one configuration in an infinite amount of possibilities. You are more than a ‘knee’, a ‘back’ a ‘shoulder’. Your body is a representation of mind, body and spirit. It is more liquid than solid, and has an astounding capacity to re-form itself into its natural healthy patterns. 


Throughout our lives our bodies will create compensations. These compensations can be seen in the body, known in the mind, and felt in the spirit. A body in compensation is no longer a unified whole. It is not working correctly. Muscles and joints lose their proper alignment. A joint out of alignment is a grinding, twisting joint. After a long day of sitting or one-sided work, throwing the increased loadings of a physical workout onto an already chronically distressed joint will only hasten its demise. Unless the compensation is removed and the body is restored to unity it is inevitable that the misalignment will reoccur.

Your unique treatment plan concentrates on removing compensations by restoring AUTHENTIC, FUNCTIONAL, THREE-DIMENSIONAL (Mind, Body and Spirit) MOVEMENT that resolves injuries and biomechanical discrepancies by addressing the problem in the body’s kinetic chain system, involving not just the body, but your mind and spirit bringing change into a region that then will be integrated into the whole human to restore unity. This multidimensional approach produces accelerated results that are measurable and sustainable.


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