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Remove the compensation. Rebuild your foundation. Become pain-free.


Pain, injury, and compensation is like the sensor light of your car, telling you that there is a problem.  Compensation is a defense mechanism used by the body to help prevent further injury. Compensation is a ‘trade’, it isn’t a correction. Unfortunately, the body can get stuck in a rut and that compensation can become a life-long issue, leading to overuse and resulting in further injury if it isn't corrected.


Even if you think you are doing everything correctly, you might be missing something!


Using the sciences of Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Behavioral Psychology, and Applied Functional Science Biomechanics I will find and identify the compensation, remove it, and retrain your body to move correctly again. Make sure you are doing the right things for the right parts! 


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See and Live in the Healing

Who is Bob Fanelli?

I am an Exercise Physiologist and a student of Miracles


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