Whenever we are injured, we experience pain. According to Dr. Vladimir Janda, well-renowned neurologist/physiatrist and researcher in the area of functional rehabilitation and manual medicine; “Pain reprograms the nervous system faster and more effectively than any therapeutic modality we have! As a means of survival, your body will seek to avoid your pain and thus will adopt movements and muscle patterns that will lead you into poor posture, improper muscle function and, compensation. 
A body in compensation is not working correctly. It’s correct Kinetic Chain has been lost. Muscles and joints are no longer aligned and working properly. A joint out of alignment is a grinding, twisting joint.
As these compensations continue your joints lose their proper alignment and position becoming unstable. Under those circumstances any motion, let alone repetitive motion, is injurious. It’s just a matter of how fast the musculoskeletal systems break down. An ‘accident’ and injury will happen.
Thus we are left with the in-escapable conclusion that it is not activity that is causing you pain, it is the body that you are bringing to the activity. Unless the body is retrained, it is inevitable that the misalignment will reoccur. The remedy is to stabilize the joints and restore the body’s normal, healthy Kinetic Chain through proper muscle function, not surgically sedate or reconfigure it.


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