Based on the findings of your 3DMAPS personalized assessment you will enter into 7 individualized working sessions concentrating on the "WHY’S" correcting biomechanical faults and compensations by focusing on root causes.

Together we will design a personalized treatment approach involving a series of specific individually designed three dimensional body movements and corrective exercises, easily done in the comfort of your own home without the aid of a therapist.  This process strengthens specific muscles, brings the body back to its proper alignment and restores the body’s authentic Kinetic Chain to help the body to function the way it was designed to, PAIN FREE.

Your treatment plan encompasses Universal Principles laid out by Applied Functional Science, Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Kinetic Chain Biomechanics.  These principles come from the Physical Sciences, the Biological Sciences, and the Behavioral Sciences. 

Human function is very dynamic, interconnected, fluid and always changing. Whether you’re rehabbing, training, or conditioning, we must be careful viewing the body as a machine, addressing isolated body parts or seemingly isolated problems (i.e., stretch the hamstrings, strengthen the glutes, reduce knee swelling, take an artificial drink for fatigue, a laxative for constipation, an anti-inflammatory for aches, etc., etc.). Instead, we must use our logic AND imagination to unravel the complex whole. The following is a list of a reductionistic, symptom view vs. a functional view….think - which would you prefer be applied to YOU professionally?

Reductionist/Symptom View

The body is viewed as a “machine” composed of separate systems reduced into its constituent parts.

Emphasis is placed on the identification of disease or pathological tissue change.

Assessment/testing is extremely specialized and, therefore, narrow in scope.

Strategy is based on reducing symptoms/complaints.

Major focus is spent on how the client is doing based on numbers, charts, statistics and test results, etc., that are measured against a statistical “normal population”.

Relies on later stage development of symptom as a marker.

Health is measured as an absence of symptoms. As long as you do not have a symptom, you are considered healthy.

Functional/Unified Approach

The body is viewed as a dynamic and complex interconnected system of mind, body and emotions.

Emphasis is placed on identification of areas of imbalance or dysfunction in normal physiology.

Assessment/testing integrates data from many different systems and methods.

Strategy is based on addressing underlying cause of complaint.

Major focus is spent on both subjective and objective information gathering based on a concept of optimal physiological function.

Allows for early prediction of dysfunction.

Health (optimal function) is measured along a functional continuum, which is a spectrum moving from dysfunction to optimal function. Intervention can be made at every stage of the spectrum to restore and/or improve health/wellness-function restoring Unity to Mind, Body and Spirit.

Which would you prefer be applied to YOU? It's Time to practice a Functional/Unified Approach designed to restore your Unity of Mind, Body and Spirit.


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