"Do you want to treat the root cause or just take care of the compensation?"

Hi!  My name is Bob Fanelli, exercise physiologist, scientist, transformative coach, student of miracles, husband, father & son. My great passion is bringing health and new possibilities to people experiencing the effects of life stressors and compensations whether from an injury, or just the rigors of everyday life.

In my 30 years of serving others I have come to understand that all healing is Mind, Body & Heart. This understanding led to the development of a service I refer to as, ‘Tools for Well Being’.  These tools address the unique kinship and Unity of your Mind, Body & Spirit.

At every moment, an infinite symphony of interactions and information transmits between each cell in your body. Our beliefs, thoughts, movements and emotions direct the chemical reactions that take place in every cell. By changing the pattern of these impulses, we can change ourselves.

To set these changes in motion, to remove compensations allowing healing to occur, we will devise a unique treatment plan, drawn from the sciences of Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Behavioral Psychology, Energy Medicine and Applied Functional Science focusing on removing the physical, mental and emotional habits that produce and maintain dysfunctions, compensations and injury, presenting the possibilities for you to reorient your belief systems as much as your body.

‘Tools for Well Being’ features specific multi-dimensional movements, heart-connecting exercises, educational tools and more, which will help lower stress, improve your resilience and adaptability, revitalize your energy, and trigger improved physiological and emotional balance.

Wholeness is never lost, it is only forgotten. Come and see.

"Creating UNITY through "Mind, Body and Spirit"



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Don't feel alone in pain.


The assessment, done in person or via video is the critical first step in the healing process. Here we will identify the root cause in a 90-minute session.


Based on your personalized assessment created for you, you will enter into 7 individualized working sessions concentration on the "why's"

These steps give you the TOOLS to take care of yourself

See and Live in the Healing

Being present and mindful through this process will empower and encourage you to use these tools moving forward and live in your healing.


Creating healing through the unity of  "Mind, Body, and Spirit" 

What is your plan to stay healthy and injury-free? Do you have one? Is it personalized to you?

Empowering you with the tools to heal yourself.


The Truth doesn’t change, just our understanding of it does. Function and structure can’t be separated any more than the mind from the body. How exactly are these things connected? Change your understanding, change your world.


Whether in sickness or health, you are committed to your body. You only get one. Time and time again, research suggests movement is the cheapest and most effective cure and prevention for disease.


As a spiritual being you have a far broader purpose than to manipulate your environment. You are Mind, Body and Spirit. You are here to thrive as a soul. That is your Truth.


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Taking your healing to new heights

Now that I have gone through the program I can set my lifestyle to doing the things I love. 
"Healing around the world! At the top of Elephant Hill in Kenya doing our exercises before a long 4-hr hike down.
-Sam M


Thank you for your time. 
You have an amazing talent of shining a bright light on the road ahead.  A road that may seem dark when one's body is in pain or stuck in some way.  Making the healing process clear to see.  
I am thankful that at times, when my body gets stuck or injured, I know you will show me the road back to health, movement and balance.  For that I am eternally grateful!  I know now to trust the process, and I understand that when something feels stuck or I am in pain, there is always a way out.  That is so comforting to me.  And also to know that I have you to guide me down the path.
Eternal thanks and gratitude,
-Jessica, L

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No more back pain!

Thank you so much for making my life free of sciatica pain.  I’ve learned so much from you.


It’s so great to know that there are knowledgeable people out there like you that can sincerely help people without medicine and surgery.

-Anna P

Who is Bob Fanelli?

Rehab Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Fellow of Applied Functional Science, Kinesiology, Behavioral Psychology,Reiki,


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